Launch a URL in Any Web Browser Across Different Operating Systems

Web browser choice is often locked to Operating System vendor bundling, defaults, and convenience at the cost of choice, privacy, and innovation paid for by data mining and advertising where you are the product. For the software developer, tester, and operator, this is an essential tool need: learn how to elegantly enable web browser choice.

Learning,, and

For my 2020-1 holiday break, I decided my next personal project would be to rebuild my home infrastructure on containers. I’d been inspired by a recent discovery of, where open source projects are built and run as containers. While I have a burning desire to better my Kubernetes practice, not enough of the world delivers software as a Helm chart, so merely running everything as containers would be a good intermediate step. Let me share my first six steps with examples…

What is a DevOps Advocate?

What is an Advocate and what is it in context of Developer Relations (DevRel)? After more than twenty years, I have returned to the realm of DevRel: so what has changed and what has remained the same?